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BMW increases test drives by 37% and increases qualified leads to their BMW Canada dealers

the challenge

BMW Canada recently experienced a dip in new test drives, which naturally led to lower car sales. This occurred despite 70% of the budget being spent on Tier 1 brand advertising and despite efforts to protect the BMW name in online searches.

They got very few results on the extremely expensive long-tail keywords they bid on. As is common for most companies with long lead times, the bidding model proved to be both prohibitive and mediocre in terms of results.

ReverseAds increased test drives by 37% for all participating BMW Canadian dealers compared to non-participating dealers using Google Ads

the solution

ReverseAds immediately allocated the budget BMW Canada traditionally used for Google Ads to a competing redirect program. A competitive strategy was also deployed, targeting keywords that performed well for Mercedes and Audi to attract the same traffic with comparable BMW models.
Behaalde resultaten case ReverseAds PPC paid marketing Google Ads

the result

As a result of the ReverseAds solution, BMW was able to generate more than 50 qualified web leads and 22 new test drives per dealership. This result significantly outperformed all Google Ads-based BMW Canada dealers, leading to a 20% increase in 60-day test drives and a 37% increase overall.


Performance is guaranteed for a 200% increase in traffic, clicks, or 50% in the Cost Per Click (CPC) of every Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) purchase. Conversions are driven by the quality of landing pages and offers.

After Search Ads outperform search ads in total cost per acquisition. Sometimes with an average CPA drop of 300% for companies focused on informed buying decisions.

People who make informed purchases research and seek information from various sources. Days, weeks, sometimes even months before they are ready to buy. A visitor who has gone through the orientation phase and is ready to make the purchase decision is a visitor with a high purchase intent.

After Search Ads are more likely to drive buyers into action with intent triggers along the entire stage that interested customers go through until the purchase decision is made.

After Search Ads target the intent behind a keyword entered into Google Search and identify intent triggers, speeding up the conversion process when Search users leave Google.

ReverseAds identifies specific keyword intent by:
  • Historical searches for the 12% of searches outside of Google
  • Exit points where consumers leave Google and go to ad exchanges
  • Exit points where consumers leave social platforms and go to ad exchanges
  • Over 100 active data partnerships both online and offline for recent consumer engagement data associated with keywords

Using AI, ReverseAds predicts the purchase path based on keywords entered into Google. After Search Ads tap into where potential buyers are going instead of following them and make sure they see your brand at every key decision point.

With a tracking system without cookies. Only information relevant to the customer journey is used.

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