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ReverseAds is a big data company with an open web advertising solution that reverses the search ad process by putting superior data first

reaching potential customers

More than 1.5 billion websites online… Try to stand out. And keep in mind that nowadays it’s all about the small screens on mobile phones.

To be truly visible on the web, intelligent tactics are needed.

The options available for this in the Google and Facebook dominated landscape are limited and expensive. Heroes in Marketing and ReverseAds have teamed up and found a way to be more effective to advertise.

1. Users leave the environments of, for example, Google and Facebook
2. They go to the open web to websites that accept ads
3. Keywords are assigned to buyers based on their search intent
4. A.I. technology predicts future website visits and buys the ad space
5. Hyper-personalized ads are displayed throughout the orientation phase
6. With conversion pixels we keep track of the attribution of the movements of prospects at every stage


The most accurate way to identify potential buyers is to determine the search intent of web traffic. Advertisers know that and Google knows that.

For this reason businesses worldwide spend more than $165 billion a year in search ads. Together with ReverseAds, Heroes in Marketing offers an alternative to these traditional search ads. 

This creates a reverse-engineered search ad method using Big Data, AI, and predictive modeling. This allows brands to target advertising wherever customers go online after their first search.  

Our approach to digital advertising prioritizes Return On Investment and Cost Per Action, as opposed to Google’s Cost Per Click (CPC) bidding model.

No more bidding on a position, but a predetermined rate per click. At a fraction of the cost of search ads.



Data is collected securely at the machine ID level. This is done from both structured and unstructured sources. The data is processed to determine which keywords are most used by high intent buyers.

These searchers are then shown ads on top websites, more than 100 ad networks and more than 50 Demand-Side Platforms during their customer journey or until they convert.

As a company, you gain access to unprecedented amounts of intent data. The algorithm The patented Adtech solution is the ultimate integration between Artificial Intelligence technology and traditional keyword advertising technology. With that, we beat Google on price and conversion. underlying this, approved by the USPTO, uses predictive-learning-A.I..

This way, the algorithm can determine which keywords can generate the highest total conversion for a business. Based on these keywords, businesses can be everywhere a buyer goes online after the first search and offer optimized ads at every stage of the customer journey.

All this protects the rights of consumers and businesses.

Be effective in a digital world

The rise of digital platforms has changed advertising strategies.

81% of consumers purposefully spend time online browsing before these consumers make a purchase. More than 66% do this on the open web.

The question is how your here in the most effective way possible handling, where you in addition the increasingly strict privacy protection legislation ensures. That requires the right technology.

Heroes in Marketing firmly believes that today ReverseAds is the answer.

Award winner ReverseAds
ReverseAds is the winner of the Huawei Spark Ignite Award 2021

read in this whitepaper

read in this whitepaper


Performance is guaranteed for a 200% increase in traffic, clicks, or 50% in the Cost Per Click (CPC) of every Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) purchase. Conversions are driven by the quality of landing pages and offers.

After Search Ads outperform search ads in total cost per acquisition. Sometimes with an average CPA drop of 300% for companies focused on informed buying decisions.

People who make informed purchases research and seek information from various sources. Days, weeks, sometimes even months before they are ready to buy. A visitor who has gone through the orientation phase and is ready to make the purchase decision is a visitor with a high purchase intent.

After Search Ads are more likely to drive buyers into action with intent triggers along the entire stage that interested customers go through until the purchase decision is made.

After Search Ads richten zich op de intentie achter een zoekwoord ingevoerd in Google Search en identificeert intentietriggers en versnelt zo het proces naar conversie wanneer Search gebruikers Google verlaten.

ReverseAds identifies specific keyword intent by:
  • Historical searches for the 12% of searches outside of Google
  • Exit points where consumers leave Google and go to ad exchanges
  • Exit points where consumers leave social platforms and go to ad exchanges
  • Over 100 active data partnerships both online and offline for recent consumer engagement data associated with keywords

Using AI ReverseAds predicts the purchase path based on keywords entered in Google. After Search Ads tap into where potential buyers are going instead of following them and make sure they see your brand at every key decision point.

With a tracking system without cookies. Only information relevant to the customer journey is used.

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